Life Is What You Make It, by Preeti Shenoy


Title: Life is What You Make It
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Publisher: Srishti Publisher
Price: 100 INR
ISBN: 9789380349305

This is a story of girl, Ankita, who walks on the path of destiny that proves to be uncertain and scary. The book commences with Ankita sitting in the doctor’s office. The reader realizes that there are many things that have led her to this place. The story begins as a flashback and is narrated by Ankita Sharma who is intelligent, good-looking with great aspirations.

This is Preeti  Shenoy’s second novel where she explores college, life, love affairs, social norms, middle-class values, orthodox parenting and dealing with a mental disorder. Though it looks like a canvas of fragmented ideas, she brings it all together quite well. The reader wants to know more so the element of curiosity is always present.

We get to see Ankita’s world through her eyes. She does well in school and manages to get an admission in a premier institute in Mumbai, to purse Masters in Business Administration (MBA). All is well at least appeared to be well, but the undercurrents of a calamity can be felt. Within a few months of relocating to Mumbai with her parents Ankita finds herself in a mental hospital. Her journey through these months after coming to Mumbai and then going to the mental hospital is the novel’s theme.

Ankita’s progression through the bipolar disorder is described in great detail. Sometimes it becomes a little tedious to read the details. The end underlines the triumph of destiny. Though the book deals with a serious mental disorder that is disturbing it ends with hope. It could be an inspiration to people suffering from mental disorders and also for the care givers.


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