The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

the-secret-letters-of-the-monk-who-sold-his-ferrari-400x400-imadmeyfzj75xxg6 Title: The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Author: Robin Sharma
Publisher: JAICO Publishing House (First published in 2012)
Price: Rs 250/-
ISBN Number 978-81-8495-292-6

This is a book from Robin Sharma, who wrote the best-seller “Monk Who Sold his Ferrari.” .His books are heavily philosophical yet well-crafted in an easy language. The charm of his books lies in the way he ‘simply’ writes about complex philosophies.

The book starts with the protagonist Jonathan Landry, a marketing sales executive who is in a depressed state in spite of doing well in life. His mother wants him to meet Julian Mantle (a distant relative) who is a faint memory in Jonathan’s mind.

Jonathan surprises himself by accepting his mother’s idea. This is a beginning of a wonderful journey across distant lands that transforms into a spiritual quest. This mission takes him through continents and countries to obtain talismans from people as Jonathan is led to believe that someone’s life is at stake.

He begins his journey at Istanbul and goes on to Paris, Japan, Mexico, Sydney, Halifax, China, Phoenix and finally reaches Delhi. The talisman bearers are people from different walks of life. He listens to their experiences as each one has a unique story to share. These wise stories have a deep impact on Jonathan’s life.

As you walk on this path of spiritual discovery with Jonathan, you experience the mysterious catacombs of Paris, towers of Shanghai, the spice markets of Turkey and the Taj Mahal in India. It is amazing to see geography walking with history on the path of philosophy.

The book has wonderful quotes, which make you stop and think while reading.

“If we are mistrustful of others, we are distrustful of ourselves.”

“Every decision we make, every stop we take, must be informed by our commitment to living a life that is true and honest and authentic to ourselves and ourselves alone.”

“The journey leads to a whole lot of improvement in the life of Jonathan Landry as he discovers his flaws at every step and proceeds to correct them.”

“What holds us back in life is the invisible architecture of fear. It keeps us in our comfort zones, which are the least safe places in which we live. Indeed, the greatest risk in life is taking no risks. However, every time we do that which we fear, we take back the power that fear has stolen from us—for on the other side of our fear, lives our strength.”

It is easy to relate with the experiences in this book. The messages of the talismans contribute to the plot of the story. Jonathan realizes his fears and accepts his apprehensions. The book has a surprise ending which the reader needs to find out.

From the whole plethora of  self-help and inspirational books published every year, this book definitely has the power to change your life for better.


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