The Journey by Brandon Bays

The JourneyThe Journey (Paperback)
Author; Brandon Bays
Publisher: Harper Collins 2011
Price; Rs. 250

This book is about a journey that leads to freedom from emotional issues that get translated into physical ailments. It is an account of how the author healed a basket-ball sized tumour in her uterus naturally. The process she followed involved no drugs or surgery but a mind-body wisdom approach with interesting techniques.

It offers practical methods to go through a healing journey. It also makes an interesting read as Brandon narrates the incidents in her life along with the inner journey.  It offers great insight on close relationships, importance of letting go, and forgiving yourself and others for whatever happened in the past. Brandon has a healing course based on her ‘journey’ for people to connect with their souls and experience healing in both mind and body.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is about the emotional issues, and the second part speaks about the physical issues. The healing comes from connecting the mind and the body and uncovering the layers of emotions.

This book needs to be read and contemplated. It can help many to find the cause of dis-ease in their lives.


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