Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha

women-and-the-weight-loss-tamasha-100x100-imaddb3ajfzafa7jWomen And The Weight Loss Tamasha (Paperback)
Author-Rujuta Diwekar
Publisher: Westland (2011)
Price: Rs. 200

Do you know the secret behind the toned look of Kareena Kapoor? Well, she eats Parathas which she loves. She eats whatever she relishes and still manages to look gorgeous. If I tell you that you can eat all your favourite food and still lose weight will you believe ?

I am not joking but just stating the fact emphasised by Rujuta Diwekar; that food and eating should be revered and not transformed into a business where you have to pay to give up, (lose Kgs). The book talks about myths about food, weight loss/gain and dis-ease.

Rujuta Diwekar has the credentials that help you to accept the ideas in the book. She emphasizes the importance of been healthy and happy. The weight issues will take care of themselves when you eat properly, exercise and relax.

There are anecdotes about how women sabotage by not thinking about themselves, neglecting, becoming non-entities and complaining.

Rujuta advises you to take care of yourself take time out to relax, enjoy eat and cook your favourite food. She offers real-life examples from all walks of life. A book which helps you to let go of myths, misconceptions and give you a diet for life is worth buying.


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