The Splendor of Silence

Title-The Splendor of Silence
Author-Indu Sundaresan
Genre-A Novel
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published September 12th 2006 by Atria
ISBN-0743283678 (ISBN13: 9780743283670)

The Splendor of Silence

On a fateful May morning in the year 1942 Captain Sam Hawthrone arrived at Rudrakot on a personal mission. However, destiny had other plans for him. It is fascinating to see the fabric of interwoven destinies play a tale of forbidden love.  This is a story of Sam and Mila the daughter of the local political agent, a story of four days which last a life time.

The novel begins twenty one years later when Sam’s daughter Olivia receives a trunk with a letter from India. As she reads the letter the long silence surrounding her childhood is filled in with hushed tones.

While she finds out about the passionate love between her parents readers also get to know about the Mila and Sam’s journey through those troubled times and racial prejudice.

The author has accomplished an impossible feat. A tale of love sometimes has an overdose of sentimentality. Indu has written it effectively with just the right emotions.

The story moves with a graphic description of Rudrakot a desert kingdom in Rajasthan, which was a princely state with autonomy to the British India.  Lyrical passionate, visual and charming the story gets etched in your mind as the landscape, the season and customs form a lovely backdrop for the novel. Historical realism makes it a touching account of love.

The novel is well researched with evocative details, which make it extremely visual.  Two of her novels were international bestsellers.

This book will take you through the magnificence of the desert landscape as you walk through those four pre-monsoon days which prove a turning point in Mila and Sam’s life. This sandstorm of destiny that claims everything will probably make your eyes misty.



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